Have the plum beautiful lips with Restylane Kysse you ever desired for…

I remember I never had those plump lips which could make me have the best pout while taking my selfie. When being young I never had any issue with my lips though I was sure that this feature is somewhat left half bloomed unlike other features. As I started growing and after completing my studies I started working in the marketing firm where I envied all those girls who had fuller lips which was something not within my reach.

I started worrying and stressed out with this mind boggling situation. My mum was little worried about me and she started making a research of her own and this was when she came across Restylane Kysse, and I really thank God for that day in which I was introduced to Restylane Kysse 1ml, it really helped me a lot to enhance my skin fairness.

The product had very positive reviews and this made her consult few dermatologists before she suggested it to me. Her survey from one practitioner to another gave the same answers which could help me in gaining what I desperately needed.

Just few days after that my mum discussed about the product and told me about few dermatologists who could help me in having what I desperately needed. When I myself looked out for the product, it appealed me a lot and made me satisfied that yes this could provide me the exact solution I wanted to have.

I wanted to have this procedure done as soon as possible as looking into the mirror kept on telling me that I was to an extend had this particular feature missing on it.

The research about the product did satisfy that was the reason I wanted to opt for it as the reasoning behind why and how this product can help me made a lot of sense.

I was pretty much satisfied with it. My dermatologist even guided me that the fatty layer under the skin of my lips was missing which usually dissolve due to ageing but this was something a natural thing with me.

Restylane Kysse, the gel substance was to be injected under the skin giving it plumper look and boosting the lips as per my requirement.  The procedure was of hardly 15-30 minute along with minimal pain which was easily bearable.

The procedure had its own drawbacks which were again informed by my dermatologists. She told me that not every patient but in rare cases signs of bruising and swelling are reported which usually fades away within few day while the results are immediately made visible to the naked eyes.

There were other precautions I was asked to keep in mind which included not opening my mouth wide or more of chewing and talking was to be avoided just for a week or so. I was so happy and thankful to my mother who went to different lengths finding the right solution for the problem which kept me losing the confidence which enhanced my personality now with the achievement of the great look.

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